Worried about Measles?




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There is an increased risk of people getting measles, especially those who have not yet been vaccinated.

We would therefore like to inform you about what measles is, how you can check if you are protected against measles, how to get the MMR vaccine (which will protect you against measles) and what to do if you suspect you have measles.

Learn more about Measles on the NHS website

Text on the image says:

  1. Measles Spots in the mouth
  2. Measles spots on darker skin
  3. Measles spots on the face
  4. Measles spots - raised rash
  5. Measles spots joined together
  6. Measles spots on the torso
  7. Measles spots on the palm of the hand



How can you check if you are protected against measles

The best way to check is to log into your GP electronic health record and view your immunisation history using the NHS app or Patient Access. Please contact the surgery if you need help to do this.

How to get the MMR Vaccine

The MMR vaccine is usually given when you are 1 year old and then given a booster vaccine when you are 3 years and 4 months old.

2 MMR vaccines give lifelong 99% protection against measles. 1 vaccine will give 92% protection.

Learn more about the MMR Vaccine on the NHS website

What to do if you suspect you have measles

Do not panic! It’s very unlikely to be measles if you’ve had both doses of the MMR vaccine or you’ve had measles before.

Please do NOT come to the surgery, visit friends or relatives or send your child to school if you think they may have measles.

Ask for an urgent GP appointment via our online form or get help from NHS 111 if:

  • you think you or your child may have measles
  • you’ve been in close contact with someone who has measles and you’ve not had measles before or you’ve not had 2 doses of the MMR vaccine
  • you’ve been in close contact with someone who has measles and you’re pregnant – measles can be serious in pregnancy
  • you have a weakened immune system and think you have measles or have been in close contact with someone with measles

Measles can spread to others easily. Contact your GP surgery before you go in via AccurX and ideally send photos of the rash so that we can see what it looks like. We may suggest talking over the phone.

You can also call 111 or get help from 111 online.

Published: Feb 2, 2024